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more about Ramtha
Ramtha has captivated and inspired audiences worldwide for 30 years. His teachings have empowered tens of thousands of people to consciously create their reality and change their lives in ways that exceed their expectations and what they thought possible.

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) is a remarkable academy of the mind created by Ramtha the Enlightened One that offers Retreats and Workshops internationally to students from all over the world and from all walks of life. Using ancient wisdom and the latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics, RSE teaches you how to access the extraordinary abilities of your brain to Become a Remarkable Life®

More about Ramtha

Who Is Ramtha?
"My name is Ramtha the Enlightened One. I am a human being who once lived here and have a very dynamic story to tell. I am here to lead my people from being asleep to waking up and doing something with this life that is original, making known the unknown, and marching out of this abyss into greatness."

"These times are the greatest of all times in your recorded history. Though they are difficult and challenging times, you chose to live here during this time for the purpose of the fulfillment that it would bring you."

"All of you have been promised for ever so long that you would see God in your lifetime, yet lifetime after lifetime you never allowed yourselves to see it. In this lifetime most of you will, indeed."

"You will see a magnificent kingdom emerge here, and civilizations will come forth that you had not even the slightest notion existed. A new wind will blow, and love, peace, and joy in being will grace this blessed place, the emerald of your universe and the home of God."

"There is no redemption for mankind other than to realize their divinity. You are the seeds of this understanding. Whatever you think, whatever you come to realize, lifts and expands consciousness everywhere. When you live what you have come to understand wholly for the good of your own purposeful life, you allow others to see in you a greater thought process, a grander understanding, a more purposeful existence than what they see all around them. Lifting and broadening your own consciousness through knowledge is enlightenment. It is not spiritual rituals. It is understanding."

"I have done it all. And for that, entity, I gained wisdom from everything I have ever done and I will never have to do it again. I am virtuous, entity, for I have done all things to become what I am. How do you know what love is, entity, until you have hated? How do you know what life is until you are at the edge of dying, and the sun will set in spite of your death and the fowl won't even look at you. You don't know that until you have come to the point, as it were indeed, of realization."

"I am here to tell you that you are loved even beyond your understanding of love, for you have never been seen as anything other than a God struggling to understand itself. From every experience in all of your lives, you have gained knowledge, wisdom. You have given to the world. You have added to the virtue of unfolding life."

"My path in my life upon this plane was to become the Unknown God - which I was to discover was myself - and to go beyond the dimensions to frolic in the adventures of forever. And so I did, and still do. I have returned to tell you that those adventures are awaiting you also, when you have embraced all of this life as I did."

- Ramtha


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