Ramtha Predictions: The Days That Are Here

Politics, the Economy, and Global Warming

"The Iraq war is largely about oil"

ABC News, September 17, 2007
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan criticized President Bush and Republicans in his new book, The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World, where he wrote, "the Iraq War is largely about oil." He clarified and retraced his words publicly when questioned about it in an interview with the Washington Post on September 17, 2007. View Story Here

Ramtha, October 18, 2002:
Five years earlier, and before Bush declared was against Iraq, this is what Ramtha predicted:
"You don't like the war that is about to happen? They have been wanting this war for a long time. It is the Christians against the Muslims. And who helped that go? The munitions complexes. The military industrial complex needs an enemy and it needs a reason. Oil is the reason."
- Ramtha
(Excerpt from: Ramtha, Assay III, Yelm, October 18, 2002. Copyright ) 2002 JZ Knight)
The U.S. Economy in Fear of Collapse
The Telegraph: Britain, September 21, 2007:
"Saudi Arabia has refused to cut interest rates in lockstep with the US Federal Reserve for the first time, signaling that the oil-rich Gulf kingdom is preparing to break the dollar currency peg in a move that risks setting off a stampede out of the dollar across the Middle East."
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Ramtha: Seattle, November 14, 1987:
Ramtha explained what would happen to the U.S. economy and why 20 years ago:
"The American people cannot possibly pay back to the graymen the debt that is now incurred that you owe to the Federal Reserve. [The graymen] simply state this: Unless you do this and support the taxation of your people to render this debt, the moneymakers who have invested heavily in your market are pulling out. They are calling their loans and there will be no more money coming into this country."
- Ramtha
(Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes - Seattle, November 14, 1987. Copyright ) 1987 JZ Knight)
Grain Prices Surge and Global Warming
AOL News, September 28, 2007:
"Global grain stockpiles are being drawn down to their tightest levels in three decades, leaving the world vulnerable to shocks brought on by bad harvests," reported AOL News. View Here

Ramtha: Seattle, November 14, 1987:
"The Earth in the next four years will warm up to such a degree that crops will fail in the bread basket. During this heating up of the world, the weather patterns are going to change. There is much more to come. The value of crops on an international scale will all be perilous to the weather change, for there is one thing that man and his altered ego cannot do and that is alter the weather and alter the Earth in its changes."
- Ramtha
(Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes - Seattle, November 14, 1987. Copyright ) 1987 JZ Knight)

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's Comments on Global Warming: Summer 2007
You make a decision that we are willing to make the sacrifices and take the steps to avoid a melting of the polar icecaps and a drowning of the coasts all across this world. You make that decision."
- Barak Obama
Taken from a video clip posted by the Students for Barack Obama supporting his presidential campaign. See students.barackobama.com.
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Ramtha: Seattle, November 14, 1987:
"Into that which is termed the melting of the polar caps, the hole in the stratum and the warming up in the next four years will be much quicker than your scientists will tell you. The melting of the great caps of snow is already occurring and will raise the water level to two hundred feet."
- Ramtha
(Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes - Seattle, November 14, 1987. Copyright ) 1987 JZ Knight)
Politics and the Rule of Power
Steve and Yael Klein at the Impeach Bush / Cheney March in Washington DC
See a video interview with Steve and Yael at the march, courtesy of Andrew & Lisa Wright.

Windows Media version View Video
Listen to interview with KRSE-BTO Radio here

"Don't you know that in peaceful lethargy is also the remarkable attitude that is the reason why this country, the world, is ruled by tyrants because the people don't want to be bothered?"
- Ramtha
(Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes - Seattle, November 14, 1987. Copyright ) 1987 JZ Knight)
The Shock Doctrine, the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

The Shock Doctrine
The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Naomi Klein

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This book by Naomi Klein exposes the shocking techniques that guide and shape the world's economy. This book is highly recommended by JZ Knight.

Visit Naomi Klein's Web site here:
View the powerful Shock Doctrine short film here:

The North American Union and The One World Order
See a shocking video clip exposing its plans here.
View Clip Here
Ramtha: Seattle, November 14, 1987:
Ramtha exposed the motives behind the One World Order 20 years ago:

"Masters, what is the aim of these people? What is it they want? Is it not enough that they own all of the money in the world? Is it not enough that they control the companies that own the oil in the world? What more could they want? Absolute power, and absolute power is to take their idealism of a One World Order and rule the whole world, with invisible borders, like a sort of social fascism. The elite will rule you all. That is One World Order."
- Ramtha
(Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes ? Seattle, November 14, 1987. Copyright ) 1987 JZ Knight)
JZ Knight with Dave Ross on KIRO 710 Radio
JZ Knight returns to the Dave Ross Show on September 28th, 2007

JZ Knight & Aries Hygaard on The Dave Ross Show, KIRO-710 AM Radio
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